Thank You!

THANK YOU to the following, for being a part of the NCPP community!

The Historic Hoover Theater

Chobi Gyorgi, who rigs the poles and keeps us safe

FotoKai, who provides us with gorgeous photos

Knockingbird Creative, who creates beautiful videos

Damien Gonzalez, who was our awesome DJ for the entire day

Our sponsors: Twirly Girls Pole Fitness, San Francisco Pole & Dance, VRV3 Studios, and Santa Cruz Circus Arts

The companies that provided pole cleaner outfits: Dragonfly brand pole clothing and Artista Apparel

Our vendors: By Kim B, Atomic Allure, Glory LA, VRV3 Studios, and Artista Apparel

Our Judges: Liz Kinnmark, Renee Wu, Amber Richard, Drusilla Ray, and Sasja Lee

Tite Grip

Girlie Grip

Our volunteers

Each and every performer who shared a piece of themselves with us today.

The audience for supporting us and their local pole community.  

And, of course we can’t forget the Nor Cal Pole Posse!!!

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