Northern California is about to get its first independently produced pole dance and fitness showcase: Northern California Pole Presentational (NCPP)! We are very excited to share this event with local businesses and pole companies. We are now searching for like-minded partners, who celebrate diversity and fitness, to help make this event a success.

Pole dance is quickly becoming one of the fastest rising fitness regimens. The first pole dance school started in 1994 in Canada.  Well over twenty years later, there are studios all over the world. The extended San Francisco Bay Area is home to over 25 studios. While many of those studios host dance showcases, NCPP will be the first showcase to invite students to perform regardless of studio affiliation. If you are not familiar with pole dance as a sport, please check out this video of one of our 2014 judges, US National Champion Sergia Louise Anderson: http://youtu.be/X9rSUud8PmQ

Pole dancers come in all genders, races, ages, shapes and sizes, and all are welcome at NCPP.  While the majority of participants will be from the Northern California/Nevada area, there are dancers slated to travel from Southern California and other states as well. NCPP boasts seven categories of dance, which means up to 75 dancers will cross our stage. These dancers are fitness-minded, adventurous, and the theater will be filled with their local friends and family for this full day event.