Who is NCPP?


NCPP was originally conceived by Amy Bond and Lori Myers. After Amy’s life took her in other directions, Ellen Lovelace stepped in to partner with Lori to produce the event. Lori and Ellen together have many years of experience in the NorCal pole community, blogging, teaching, and performing. NCPP’s inaugural event was held August 23, 2014.

When is NCPP?

The sixth annual NCPP will be held Saturday, September 28, 2019 in San Jose, California.  The event should run from approximately 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. A schedule will be released closer to the event date.

Why do we call ourselves the only “independently-produced” show in the Bay Area?  

The Bay Area is home to many amazing pole studios who put on shows throughout the year.  However, those shows generally require you to be a student at that studio in order to perform.  NCPP is not affiliated with any studio.  We are also all-inclusive.  Men and women are welcome to both perform on our stage and be in the audience.  And, while there are certainly pole shows that are not necessarily affiliated with one particular studio, they do require a submission video in order to try out for the part.  NCPP only requires its participants to sign up and pay their fee in order to perform on the big stage.  We wholeheartedly support all of the pole shows in the Bay Area, however, we feel like NCPP is a somewhat different animal.

Is this a competition?  Do I have to be judged on my performance?

NCPP was created for Northern California polers to showcase their routines in a larger forum.  We also understand the desire for some dancers to receive feedback on their routines.  Perhaps you are training for a future competition.  NCPP will give you the ability to present certain moves and combinations to a panel of judges for feedback on what you can do to make those moves competition-ready.  Entering NCPP will not guarantee you entry into any competitions.  If you would like to enter the competition circuit, we suggest contacting Pole Sport Organization, as they hold multiple regional competitions around the country leading up the U.S. National Pole Championships in August each year.  If you don’t want the pressure of a competition?  No problem!  You may opt not to receive feedback and can showcase your talents without burden. Just indicate when you sign up which track you’d prefer.  So, it’s not a competition.  It’s a showcase with optional feedback!

Can you explain the levels? Are there move restrictions in the lower levels?

There are no move restrictions and no compulsory moves in our levels. Level 1 polers are the new pole dancers, most likely poling under one year. They may or may not be inverting, and their focus is on twirls, transitions, and climbs. Inverting is allowed but is not the focus.  Level 2 polers are likely poling over one year, and have polished transitions and clean inverts. Shoulder mounts and air inverts are clean, and they may or may not be completing basic ayshas. Level 3 polers are likely poling over two years, and have mastered most tricks. Advanced flexibility and clean handsprings are the standard. For level 3, essentially anything goes! Keep in mind that you are not actually competing, so choosing your level doesn’t have to be stressful!

Who are the judges?

The NCPP judges will be well-known and respected polers who have vast experience both competing in and judging pole events. Don’t forget, this isn’t a competition, so the judges will not score you for placing but they will offer excellent written feedback to help you become a better performer. Please note that, although we will have five to six judges for the event, only three judges will sit for each section. Stay tuned for announcements of who will be joining us!

Will you offer workshops?

The judges will collaborate with studios around the Bay Area to offer workshops on the days preceding and following NCPP. Stay tuned for announcements of workshops!

Do I have to be from the NorCal region in order to participate?

Any poler is encouraged to participate in our event.

When do I know when I’m performing/when does the day of event schedule get released?

The day-of-event schedule will be released after we close registration. It will be posted online and emailed out to all performers about 30 days before the event date. Please note that the schedule may change as polers change levels and/or drop out. Check back often to see if your start time has changed.  Also, on the day of the event, you should arrive early to warm-up and accommodate potential schedule changes (please advise your friends and family of the same).

How do I get photographs and video of my performance?

We will have a photographer at the event.  Please note that the photographer is the exclusive photographer for NCPP.  Performers and audience members may bring phones and tablets to photograph friends, but regular cameras are not allowed.  Phones and tablets must not be held above shoulder level.

2017-08-26 - NCPP - 62 - Irene Brown - 39

Will there be a warm-up area at the venue?

Yes! We will have two stage poles set up backstage to help you warm up. We noticed that those who spent time warming up on the stage poles had less slippage during their performance. So, make sure you warm up!

Where is the Historic Hoover Theater? Can I get there on public transit?

The Historic Hoover Theater is located at 1635 Park Avenue in San Jose. Ample parking is available. Please visit their website for directions and additional travel information: http://hoovertheatre.org/home/directions/directions/24354/

Are children allowed to attend the show?

This event may include suggestive music and/or dancing.  It is not suggested that you bring your children.

Why is the logo a bear?

Affectionately referred to as “Pat the Bear,” the bear in our logo is a reference to the California “Bear Flag.”  As our showcase is in Northern California, we thought it would be fun to incorporate that into our logo.  We also want this showcase to be light and fun.  We understand you have many options for competitions, and believe that some polers are hungry to showcase their talents without the pressure of competing. This does not mean that we do not take this showcase seriously, but we believe we can put on a safe show without losing our sense of humor.