Photo and Video Packages


NCPP - 2019 PROMO (V2)


Knockingbird Creative and FotoKai are once again teaming up to provide photo and video packages for NCPP!

Knock Ho or Knocking Bird is a content producer based in SoCal. She specializes in photography and videography for the dance and movement world. Outside of her media endeavors, she teaches pole and is quickly becoming an aerial hoop addict.

Kai Parviainen — also known as FotoKai — is a pole dance, fitness and fashion photographer from San Francisco. He has been the official photographer for NCPP 2016, 2017, and 2018, two Volare Variety pole/burlesque shows, and has done multiple pole shoots with SFPD and Vertical Barre. Kai’s photography has been published in several magazines, most notably a local fashion magazine, Style Equation.



$49 | 20 images

$49 | Video Capture

$89 | Photo + Video Package

​Early Bird Discount ends 9/27


Choose your package options at

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