Photo and Video Packages


We are thrilled to announce the official photographer for NCPP 2016, NorCal’s own FotoKai!

Kai Parviainen — also known as FotoKai because ain’t nobody gonna spell that last name right — is a pole dance, fitness and fashion photographer with a funny accent from Finland. He’s been doing professional photography since 2012 and pole 12998465_1774863636068601_8451100755955727354_ndance photography since 2014. He has been the official photographer for two Volare Variety pole/burlesque shows, and is the main photographer for Studio Botan in San Francisco. Kai’s photography has been published in several magazines, most notably a local fashion magazine, Style Equation. His photography studio with fancy lights, x-pole and a scary doll is located in Berkeley.

Kai will be providing dancers with his selection of 10 edited shots, both in high resolution and Facebook sized. Pre-order price is $45, or $50 after the event. Additional photos can be ordered as well. All ordering info can be found here:


We are also excited to welcome back 120 Pictures as the official videographer of NCPP 2016!

120 Pictures, a filmmaking duo based in San Francisco, led by Tiffany Tse and Miles Sager specialize in documentary filmmaking and creative narrative film. 120 Pictures has produced multiple pieces for SF Weekly, Esquire Magazine, and KTVU Fox Channel 2, among others as well as many independently funded short films. Tiffany and Miles both major in cinematography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Tiffany is an experienced pole dancer from Twirly Girls Pole Fitness and has a passion for creating art on the pole as well as on the screen. Miles is newer to the pole world, but has attended and documented events such as Volare Variety and Pacific Pole Championships with a keen sense of excitement. Some examples of their work can be seen here:

“120 Pictures will provide an elegant, high-quality and clean final cut of your performance. As filmmakers we strive to produce the very best visual imagery for our audience’s enjoyment. With prior experience in the pole sport world as a pole dancer and pole videographer we assure that you will be satisfied with the final product.”

You can see a sample of their work from last year here:

Edited videos are being offered at $45 per performance. Please sign up using the form below!

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