Our panel of respected judges changes every year, so keep an eye out for announcement of 2020 judges!

Take a look at some of our past judges!

Kimmy Fitz


Kimmy booked her 25th birthday party at NYPD in Manhattan after being intimidated into it by a coworker. After watching the instructor climb to the top of the pole and do a leg hang she knew she had found her life calling! She played basketball and tennis in college and earned a scholarship for tennis. And although she had a long history of success with sports with balls, once she found the pole she traded her baggy shorts for booty shorts. Since beginning to compete in 2013, she has competed with Pole Sport Organization and National Aerial Pole Arts as a pro competitor, and has brought home 2 regional medals, and A 4 time runner up at PSO Nationals. She enjoys encouraging her students to go outside of their comfort zone and get on stage, as well as eating until her stomach hurts, saying everything that comes into her head, and little monkeys dressed as people.

Tracee Kafer


Tracee Kafer, the creator of Finding Your Freestyle®, has a lifetime of movement and dance experience and a decade of focus in the art of pole dance and movement exploration (including several of those years in the competitive circuit even winning a few titles). She now travels extensively facilitating workshops, intensives and hosting immersive movement retreats internationally. A true inspiration addict, with an insatiable appetite for both the cerebral and esoteric, Tracee is a tarot and crystal healing enthusiast, Reiki practitioner, certified Floor Flow® instructor, practicing meditator, bibliophile, and digital nerd. She also works at Body & Pole in Manhattan and is their Creative Director.


Competition Experience

• 2016 Miss Pole Dance America Troupe Division Leader
• 2013 Atlantic Pole Pro Dramatic Champion
• December 2011 Polesque Champion
• 1st Runner Up SuperShag Pole Fitness Championships
• US Pole Dance Championship 2012 Amateur Finalist
• National Aerial Pole Art Female All Stars

Judging Experience

• Pole Theatre Germany 2017
• Pole Gala Mexico 2015
• PSO Regionals & Nationals 2014
• Colorado Pole Championships 2014
• Melee on the Bayou 2013

Judy Gray


Judy loves combining scary-cool power pole with effortless flow and character work to create performance-ready combinations and routines. Her teaching focus is heavily based on foundational transitions and moves. Most recently she is the 2019 PSO GGPC Women’s professional champion. Outside the studio you’ll find her in the nearest local coffee shop listening to metal and looking at cute hamster pictures on the internet.

IG: @coffee_pole

Vicky Kierkegaard

image1 (1)

Vicky fell in love with pole over 13 years ago, and was hooked from her very first lesson. Having trained in a wide range of dance styles, alongside dancing in clubs, she has a passion for both artistic/contemporary and exotic pole.

Known for her splits tricks and fusion of old school stripper style with the dynamic kips of Russian exotic, Vicky, otherwise known as Strawbs, competes at a national level in the UK. Her Dance Filthy nationals performance to God Is A Woman has been viewed over 900 times on Vimeo and has been shared internationally.

Vicky runs Vixystrawberry in Cornwall, UK. Vixystrawberry was the first pole studio in the county, and has grown to cover four locations with a wonderful team of instructors. Vicky has a range of qualifications covering many skills including: pole taken through Pole Passion, contortion from Marco Oranje (who trains bendy Kate), and aerials through NECCA, which she utilises alongside her degree in Occupational Therapy to offer a truly holistic approach to instructing. Vicky is also a member of Pole Unbound, which has truly helped broaden her pole training and reignited her passion for exotic pole. She is also a model for Sarah Scott’s Off the Pole brand of polewear.

Competition Experience

  • Dance Filthy UK Semi Pro champion 2018
  • Authentics Southern Pro Second Place 2019
  • Dance Filthy UK Southern Semi Pro winner 2018
  • Dance Filthy UK Southern Pro finalist 2019
  • Exotic Generation UK Old School finalist 2019
  • Bristol Pole Championships Pro Finalist 2018

Kirstin Brown


Kirstin grew up training ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, modern, and belly dance. As an adult, she discovered the aerial arts and has combined her vast experience in diverse movement disciplines to create her own unique style of art in the sky. Kirstin is known for her mesmerizing fluidity and palpable soulfulness. Her pieces have been called “emotion in motion” and a redefinition of the art of pole. Kirstin’s work is more than just a spectacle. Expect to feel her energy drawing you in and leaving you breathless. Kirstin is the owner of Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole in Berkeley.

Michula Nunez


Michula Nunez aka “Mikey” is a native Californian who grew up doing competitive gymnastics and cross-country running. After teaching elementary science for 6 years, she knew she could make a bigger impact bridging her love for science and education into entrepreneurship – a fitness studio specializing in pole dancing. And in early 2007, Antix Fitness Studio opened. 

At the time, pole dancing was very taboo. She wanted people to realize that pole dancing is an art and sport. Her studio specialized in both alternative and traditional fitness classes – from Pilates and Cardio Kickboxing to Exotic Pole and Pole Sport. Michula was soon invited to teach and perform on international stages. Meanwhile, on the homefront, Antix also began producing showcases that benefited local non-profit agencies to help share the pole gospel. Michula also produced and hosted the first nationally-renowned pole dance showcase, ‘Rock the Pole’ with the most amazing aerialists at that time. As a co-founder of East Meets West, she created the first competition that allowed men competitors, as well as the first doubles competition in pole dance history.

After 10 years of serving hundreds of clients at Antix Fitness Studio and after her husband was promoted to Battalion Chief, she had to close the studio to move to the beautiful Central Coast of California. She continues to teach workshops around the world and teaches at local studios. Mikey is super excited to come and be a part of the most epic event in Northern California – NCPP!

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