Categories and Levels

Events are organized into showcase or feedback tracks, with three levels for each track. Additionally, NCPP offers duets and groups the chance to either showcase dance or receive feedback, without levels. Performers who choose to participate in mNCPP14-Revolutions-6879ultiple events can partner with anyone from a higher or lower skill level. All categories and events are co-ed.

Participants choose the event division that they believe is most suited to their own level of expertise on an honor system, and there are categories to allow for singles, doubles and group participation. Additionally, you can choose to simply showcase your dance, or you can choose to receive feedback from a panel of judges.  It’s not a competition — it’s a showcase, with optional feedback!


Showcase: This options allows you to simply showcase your routine on a big stage for your friends and family, and still allows you to order photos and video of your routine.

Feedback:  Feedback in the feedback track will be in the form of written comments from the judges about areas of strength and areas that need improvement in the performer’s dance. There will be no numeric scores issued, and there will be no “winners” or ranking. This is a terrific opportunity for those with competition experience to learn more about how they might improve their results in future competitions. For those who are considering entering a competition for the first time, this track is a great way to gain experience,  learn about the process, and ready yourself for the competitive stage.


Solos: 1 dancer, choice of showcase or feedback track, can select Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3.

Duet: 2 dancers can form a Duet, choice of showcase or feedback track, can be various levels.

Group: 3 or more dancers can form a Group, choice of showcase or feedback track, can be various levels.


Level 1: This poler is the new pole dancer, most likely poling under one year. May or may NCPP14-Jennifer Sihavong-1558not be inverting. Focus is on twirls, transitions, and climbs. Inverting is allowed but is not the focus. Choose from Level 1 Showcase or Level 1 Feedback tracks.

Level 2: This poler is likely poling over one year, and has polished transitions and clean inverts. Shoulder mounts and air inverts are clean, may or may not be completing basic ayshas. Choose from Level 2 Showcase or Level 2 Feedback tracks.

Level 3: This poler is likely poling over two years, and has mastered most tricks. Advanced flexibility and clean handsprings are the standard. Essentially, anything goes.  If you love crazy tricks, you belong here! Choose from Level 3 Showcase or Level 3 Feedback tracks.

Duets/Groups: Doubles and groups of all levels can choose the Showcase or Feedback track.