Announcing NCPP’s 2017 Photographer and Videographer!

Performing at NCPP?  Order your photo and video packages today!


We are thrilled that FotoKai will once again be the official photographer for NCPP!

Kai Parviainen — also known as FotoKai because ain’t nobody gonna spell that last name right — is a pole dance, fitness and fashion photographer with a funny accent from Finland. He’s been doing professional photography since 2012 and pole dance photography since 2014. He has been the official photographer for NCPP 2016, two Volare Variety pole/burlesque shows, and has photographed countless shows for Vertical Barre and the now-departed Studio Botan in San Francisco. Kai’s photography has been published in several magazines, most notably a local fashion magazine, Style Equation.

Kai will be providing dancers with his selection of 10 edited shots, both in high resolution and Facebook sized. Pre-order price is $45, or $50 after the event. Additional photos can be ordered as well. All ordering info can be found here:

NCPP is thrilled to bring you the talents of Knockingbird Creative as the official videographer for 2017!

Knock Ho or Knocking Bird is a content producer based in SoCal. She specializes in photography and videography for the dance and movement world. Outside of her media endeavors, she teaches pole and is quickly becoming an aerial hoop addict. Mostly unsuccessfully, she attempts “yoga” with her 2 kittens, Panda and Pushkin. See her beautiful work:

***VIDEO PACKAGE – $50 (Early bird $45 Before 7/1/2017)
(1) Video of performance
– Shot in Crystal-clear HD
– Professional titling
– Single camera, wide shot coverage of the entire performance

Book your NCPP 2017 video here:

Want to perform? Not sure where to start? First, read the FAQ, learn about our categories, and read about the rules and deadlines.  Then you are ready to sign up!  Please note that all entry fees are non-refundable.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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