NCPP thanks you!!

Ellen and Lori would like to thank everyone who participated in NCPP this year.  Our second show was a smashing success thanks to all of the participants, studios, sponsors, vendors, volunteers and audience members.  Truly, without all of you, there would be no need for this show.

Ellen very eloquently stated everything Lori was also feeling, so rather than reinventing the wheel, here is that post:

You know that fear, What if you throw a party and no one comes?

Well, we threw a party and EVERYONE came!

Lori and I put on Northern California Pole Presentational so that dancers from everywhere can have a beautiful stage to show off their artistry. And boy did they! We had dancers from 17 studios, plus some independent, from 3 states. Our first co-ed performance, our first pre-teen, and our largest group ever. Dancers of all sizes, shapes, ages, and abilities came together, supported each other, and were gorgeous up there, in front of an entirely packed house.

Our sponsors and vendors came from all over the state, and we are so grateful to every one of them who support what we are doing and share in our great day.

Our judges worked TIRELESSLY all day, giving such beneficial feedback and support to the dancers. Sasja Lee, Crystal Belcher, VeenaSeanmichael Rau Pole and Amber Richard, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work AND all the hooting and hollering you provided!

Our volunteers truly are the heart of what we do, and all day I was amazed and gratified at how hard they worked and stepped up to make sure everyone had the best day possible.

Whether you danced, judged, cleaned, sold, bought, attended, cheered, or judged, If I didn’t hug you tight enough or spend enough time with you yesterday, forgive me, my cold, and the stupid headset that made me feel like a Borg. But know that I appreciate and love every one of you. See you next year!


Lori says ditto!  Next year’s date will be announced soon!  Keep an eye out and like us on Facebook!

Sedusa hugs

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