Creating a Strong Pole Industry in Nor Cal

One of the questions asked when NCPP was first created two years ago was: Do we need another pole event?

Our answer, of course, was yes.


Northern California is home to approximately 25 pole studios.  If you open it up to include Lake Tahoe/Reno and Central California, that number climbs to almost 40 studios.  Nor Cal isn’t like Southern California.  We don’t have as many studios in smaller, concentrated areas.  Unlike LA, where it is not uncommon to train at multiple studios, most dancers in our area train at one studio and they very much adore their home studio.  And because there seem to be more studios and dancers in Los Angeles, there seem to be more opportunities for dancers to perform.  If you want to compete, you know you can hit up PSO’s Pacific Pole Championship (PPC).  If you want to showcase your talents, you can try out for Girl Next Door, or Pole Show LA.  Facebook feeds are chock-full of opportunities in Southern California.

Of course, dancers from Northern California can travel to participate in those events, but we felt that the pole industry up here was ripe for an event that brought together all dancers and studios like the Southern California performers.  While initially dreamed up to help performers prepare for competitions like PPC, NCPP actually became an event for any dancer to come showcase their talents on the big stage in front of their friends and family.

Why are events such as NCPP important to the pole community?  Because they do encourage the creation of a community.  Not a competition between studios, but a place for everyone to be celebrated.  NCPP was very proud that practically every single studio in Northern California was represented last year.  Most studios are far enough apart that they aren’t competing with each other for students.  We feel like supporting small businesses, such as our local pole studios, is very important.  A stronger pole community will benefit everyone in the long run.  We look forward to seeing another diverse pool of participants again this year.  It is a safe place for dancers of every level to showcase their talents.  So, whether you are a Level 1 from a studio in the East Bay or a Level 3+ from a studio in Lake Tahoe, NCPP welcomes you to our stage.

If you are interested in signing up, please visit our website:

Everything is better with a friend!  Get your twirly tribe together and start working on those routines.  See you in August!

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