Bring On The Groups!

Lori here.   I just wanted to come on to this blog and  make one small request…MORE GROUPS!  I don’t want my solo dancers to get the wrong idea.  I love you all as well, but I really love creative group routines!

In the last couple of years, I have danced a few duets and one group routine.  I love dancing with my main partner, Ginger.  We have danced together long enough to really understand each other’s bodies.  We both just kind of know what the other one is doing and when she is going to do it.  It is always a satisfying experience.  However, my group dance with Team Greazeh is probably the most fun I’ve had doing a pole routine and is my favorite to date!

We wanted to make group routines affordable, so we capped the fees at $100.  So whether you have two people or ten, you only pay $100 for your group.  You are not barred from doing multiple routines, so you can sign up to dance solo AND you can dance in a duet or group.  We try to be very aware of dancers who are in more than one routine so you aren’t dancing back-to-back.

So, get your group together and sign up using THIS link!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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