NCPP from a Volunteer’s Perspective

One of our amazing volunteers at NCPP last year, Ginger, recently sent an e-mail about her experience at the event.  We wanted to share it with you:

I had the opportunity to volunteer for the inaugural Northern California Pole Presentational in August of last year (2014).  I spent the morning watching from the wings, stage right as a Pole Cleaner and the afternoon watching from the wings, stage left as Stage Manager.  This year I thought I might compete.  As March 15th approached, the thought of signing up scared the shit out of me and made me sick to my stomach. In the end, due unforeseen circumstances, I decided not to compete.  I will be volunteering again because the experience last year was so rich. 

Last year as I stood in the wings stage left, just after the lunch break, I had the privilege to usher two great ladies, Grace Garcia and Amy Bond, on to the stage.  My fist official task as Stage Manager.  I know these ladies so this was easy for me to do.  What I realized with these two ladies was not only did I have a responsibility to the promoters the keep the show going but I had a responsibility to the dancers as well.  I was the last person they saw before stepping out onto the stage and the first to congratulate & applaud them as they stepped off. 

It was an honor and a privilege to hold the space and be present for each dancer and I look forward to whatever supportive role I get cast into this year.

We want to thank Ginger for all of her hard work last year.  She literally worked the entire day!  We also want to thank ALL of our volunteers!  We were humbled and grateful for all of your help!

If you are interested in volunteering for NCPP 2015, please visit our website:

Thank you again, Ginger, for sharing your story!

Jessica at NCPP

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