Which Level Should I Choose?

One question we receive most often is: Which level should I choose?

While the easiest answer would be to say it doesn’t matter since you aren’t truly being judged, the truth is that if you have requested feedback, you do want to try to choose the level best suited to your abilities so that the judges can provide helpful commentary.

Level 1: This poler is the new pole dancer, most likely poling under one year, and may or may not be inverting. The focus is on twirls, transitions, and climbs. Inverting is allowed but is not the focus.

Level 2: This poler is likely poling over one year, and has polished transitions and clean inverts. Shoulder mounts and air inverts are clean, and this poler may or may not be completing basic ayshas.

Level 3+: This poler is likely poling over two years, and has mastered most tricks. Advanced flexibility and clean handsprings are the standard. Essentially, anything goes.  If you love crazy tricks, you belong here!

RegarNCPP14-IreneBrown-1375dless of level, we love seeing new dancers on stage. It takes a lot of courage to step in front of an audience for the first time, and we have so much love for each and every dancer that graces our stage.  If you are performing for the first time and are not sure which level is yours, e-mail us and we will help you decide!  Our e-mail address is info@polenorcal.com.

If you want to read more about our categories and levels, click HERE.  Keep in mind that the reason NCPP was invented was so that polers could choose to receive feedback to help them prepare for future showcases or competitions, or they could simply come and showcase their talents on the big stage.  At the end of the day, our goal is to provide a fun and safe show and we hope that you find that at NCPP!

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