Ready to Perform? Sign up on Sunday!

Get ready Nor Cal!

NCPP will start accepting participants on March 15!

Northern California Pole Presentational is proud to announce its second annual event will be held Saturday, August 29, 2015 at the San Jose Stage Company. Sign-ups will begin March 15, 2015.  The event is open to any pole dancer in the world. We anticipate the event will fill early this year! If you missed last year’s event, check out our highlight reel:

As you probably know, NCPP isn’t a competition.  It is a showcase with optional feedback!  NCPP is an all-inclusive event that allows dancers of all levels to bring their art to the big stage.  It is perfect for dancers who don’t want the pressure of competing, or for those preparing for a future competition.  Dancers may opt to simply showcase their dance or they may choose to receive feedback from our judges.  This show also welcomes solo dancers, duos and groups.

Those who would like to enter NCPP should visit:

We will soon be announcing the names of the judges coming to provide feedback for participants.  Although NCPP is not officially offering workshops, we would like to provide individual Nor Cal studios with the opportunity to offer workshops on the days surrounding the event.  Pricing is set by each individual judge.  NCPP does not standardize the pricing of workshops.

We will be offering sponsorship opportunities to studios, online pole companies and other local businesses.  We also have space for vendors!  If you are interested in pricing plans, please visit the website, or e-mail and we will send information
to you.

Date:  Saturday, August 29, 2015
NCPP will be an all-day event. Exact time TBD.
Location:  San Jose Stage Company, 490 South First Street, San Jose, California
For more information, please visit our website:

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For more information, please e-mail

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